Sunday, November 8, 2015

Maybelline Brow Duo + Define Review

Hey everyone! Today's blog post is a review from the Brow Satin/ Brow Duo+Define Eye which is basically the same thing but different names, weirdly enough. Anyways these are a drugstore brand but I still had high hopes for them.

Let's get this review started!
I ended up getting four shades of this brow product from Style Haul, which is the company I am partnered with, but I just want to let you know these are all my true opinions and I was not paid to promote, but I love reviewing products so I decided to give it a shot.

I ended up getting 4 shades, Auburn, Dark Blonde, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown.

The one that I demo today is the Dark brown seeing that I am a dark brunette and that color matched the most. When first opening it I saw that there was white ash on them, which basically means that it's dried out, that made me nervous.

As you can see, it isn't pointed but squared off and that could be an issue for some people, but it was not for me.

The other side of the pencil has a powder end which is meant to fill the brows after lining them with the first side.

Here is my naked eyebrow, no product, no nothing. 

Starting out with the first part with the lining, I had to go ahead and heat the tip a bit because it was so dry that It wasn't working for me. But after I finally got it all warm, it glided on pretty smoothly and as you can see it is pretty pigmented.

Here is the final part, with the fill side. I had a bit of a problem with this because my eyebrows are a bit thinner. The powder sponge is a bit thick so I had to work around that, also a lot of product didn't come out at first so I had to rub it in a bit, but overall it did the job.

Overall I give this product  3/5 it's a good product but unfortunately it was too dry to work with me and the powder didn't come out as I wanted it to. I feel for thicker eyebrows it would work pretty well, but for me it didn't. At the end of it all, my brows looked really good just the application was a bit tedious.


Monday, November 2, 2015

Colourpop Cosmetics: Gel Liners/Gel Colors || Review + Swatches

Hey everyone! Here are some of the swatches from the video above! I overall love Colourpop but found that the liners are very easy to break. They are all extremely pigmented and long wearing, but I would warn anyone using the LINERS that those are fragile and break very easily! Now I know you all are dying to see these swatches so here...we...go!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Collective Haul Swatches | Sephora + Ulta

Hi Everyone! This Blog corrosponds with my youtube video that I will have down below if you are all interested to watch it!
This stuff is actually really nice! It's moisturizing and it makes my face feel like I am in a spa!
Nourish Organic: Argan Face Serum

So I tried this for my Grandmother's 65th birthday and throughout the entire night it stayed! I loved it! I think it takes a few coats for it to actually be the blackest it can be, but it stays all night, but wipes off with a wipe♥
Girlactik beauty Precise Eyeliner Marker

This is the most moisturizing thing I have ever tried! Of course it should be since it's for super dry skin. I have combo skin and this didn't break me out but actually smoothed my skin out a bit, which what it claims to actually do!
First Aid Beauty: Ultra Repair Cream

I haven't really tried this yet, but from the texture its pretty much what I expected...velvety♥

Nars Lip Cream in Cruella

This thing is the most magical lip thing I have ever seen, it's almost like a liquid lipstick but its almost a cream texture as well like the NYX lipcream so that's interested♥

Sephora Lip Cream in #15 Precious Purple

Just...just go get this. It's amazing♥ Swatched with a heavy hand and a light hand to show the blendability!

Becca Skin Perfector in Blushed Coral

Philosophy Grateful Perfume

Viktor + Rolf Flower Bomb


Watch the video below to get more in depth of all these products that are mentioned♥

Make sure to watch this for my reactions haha

Sunday, October 25, 2015

OOTD : Black & Flannel

Happy Sunday Everyone! It is officially almost the end of October and Harvest is amongst us! I had a pretty okay day yesterday, even though I missed out going to my cousin's, fiance's birthday party. I stayed in with the main squeeze and got italian and watched a few movies. I believe we watched Cars as well as a cult classic, The Monster Squad. I have never seen that movie before and I actually really liked it. 

Yesterday's outfit was pretty laid back, because I thought I was going to that outside BBQ, but alas that didn't happen.

The Maxi Dress is from Sheinside yet again, and you can find it here :MAXI DRESS


I also paired it with a green flannel that is from Forever 21 and you can purchase that here :Flannel

The office also got a bit festive with Harvest Season♥ We have so many pretty things that are at the front desk, like flowers, scarecrows, and pumkins. The Harvest time is one of my favorite times of the year, next to the holidays. I have never been a summer/ spring girl because I love the overcast and darker weather so this is the time of year where I am the most happiest.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

OOTD: Once Upon a Time in Crimson Peak

Happy Thursday! Today's outfit was inspired by Once Upon a Time. I am absolutely obsessed with that show and I saw this tee on Sheinside and I had to get it.
You can find by clicking HERE

 Girls with bigger chests, however, might have an issue with it though since it is supposed to be a baggy tee, it might make you look a bit bigger, hence why I wore this with a high waisted skirt
Find this high waisted skirt HERE

Going into this movie, the only thing I was thinking is man, Tom Hiddleston looks fantastic!
 I have been a fan of Guillermo Del Toro movies, but I honestly can say from the scenery, to set design, to costumes, and ect...this is by far my favorite Horror/Suspense movie. This is set in the late 1800's from America to England and every step of the way the movie is beautiful. I would discribe this movie as a Love Story mixed with Horror. The music is beautiful as well and works out perfectly with every scene.
The only thing it really lacked was more of that horror that Del Toro is known for. There were a few scenes that were scary, but the "scary" ghosts were really more beautifully crafted than actually terrifying. The plot also had a few holes. but I won't go into that since this shouldn't really be a spoiler. But other than that I loved it and I will definately buying this in DVD when it comes out because I feel that this is a movie that I can watch over and over again.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Meditation and Crystals

Meditation, It's such a scary word for people who believe in the paranormal and the negative aspect of it. How can Meditation be negative? I good amount of cultures believe if you become too vunerable to the spiritual world, your soul can be taken from you. Let me just tell you, if you get to the point where your Meditation get you to the point where your soul is vunerable, that is pretty impressive.
"Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"
 - Buddah
I wanted to go ahead and really think about what meditation can really do to a persons body. I have been advised by a few people that I seem to live a very stressful life. From future payments, to present incidents that are very minor, I take it like my life depends on it.  I have tried everything, but as they say... you can't teach a old dog new tricks. I have been this way for as long as I can remember. I would make problems out of everything and it would affect me physically and menatally. Now, being 24 and working a full time job AND going to school does have an impact on how I deal with certain situations in my life.
I have a tendancy to really over-analyze everything that happens in my life and I am is desperate need for it to stop. I feel that writing is a way for me to really forget what is going on in my life and it helps me concentrate on something that may not be real, but its a release my mind needs from reality. One can only write for so long, however.
Meditation is the one thing I haven't tried because I have always made excuses on why I don't have time to do so. While it's, "I have homework to do," to the stupidest of reasons, "I need to catch up on my youtube videos on my subscription list," and so on. I have been collecting crystals for over 6 months at this point in means to use them for mediation because they are believed to be a spiritual release that people need to cleans their souls of impurity and stress. 
Would I consider myself a spiritual person? I wouldn't really know. I believe that there is a god and I believe that there is an afterlife, but when it comes to crystal healing, that's a whole other genre. So this is basically just something that I will be learning more in, and if you are interested in reading more, I will post maybe in a few weeks of what meditation really does for the body and mind. I really don't want to be this stressed out person anymore, so lets hope that I can really put my mind towards crystal healing and see what it does for me.
Not all of my posts will be like this one, but there will be some lifestyle posts in this blog :)